"Every farewell is the birth of a memory"

Salvador Dali

We lovingly handcraft your personal souvenir crystal from ash or animal hair.

Each reminder crystal made by us consists of real Murano glass and is manufactured according to your personal ideas for you.

In a special manufacturing process, a small pinch of ash or animal hair is blown into your glass jewelry piece, the animal hair burns to over 1000 degrees to ash and leaves in the glass jewelry unique turbulence and air pockets.

With the jewels from our small manufactory your memories stay alive and the shared moments with your beloved animal will never be forgotten.

How much hair or ash is needed for the production?

Already a 1, - Euro large amount of ash or hair is sufficient for the production of the memory crystal.

How should I ship the hair or the ashes?

Please fill the hair or the ash in a small plastic bag or a separate paper envelope and send your submission sufficiently franked and happy with legible sender to our postal address, which we will tell you after order.

How long does it take to make my memory crystal?

Usually we can produce the desired piece of jewelry within 4-7 working days.


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