Our Unicorn Horns

Our Unicorn Horns

We manufacture unicorn horns for photo shoots or show rides in our small manufactory.

In which sizes are the unicorn horns available?

We carry our unicorn horns in three sizes

20 cm - Minishetty or Shetty

24 cm - Small to large horse

30 cm - draft horse

How long does the production take?

The production of our unicorn horns usually takes 1-3 working days

How are the horns fastened?

Each unicorn horn has an integrated bracket through which quite simply the browband of the bridle can be performed.

In addition, we provide each order with a Velcro strap, if you have a very delicate or rhinestone-studded browband.

For the free attachment without the use of a bridle with browband is the use of a skin-friendly body glue from the theater or carnival needs.

What material is a unicorn horn made of?

Our unicorn horns are made of a modern plastic compound, are ultralight and shatterproof.

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