Remembrance Crystal Pearl Bracelet "Filigree"

Memory crystal on an elastic band with filigree silver metal beads and rhinestone spacers.

The color of the memory crystal is of course freely selectable.

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How to make your memorabilia:

In a special manufacturing process, a bit of ash or hair is blown in the production of the glass jewelry piece.

This creates a unique souvenir piece, which you can wear on the bracelet or on a chain.

Through the melting process and the incorporation of fur, feathers or ashes it comes to a beautiful inclusion process in the pearl and thus to an eternally recorded memory of the beloved animal. Of course, we need a small amount of hair beforehand, e.g. from the brush or from the ceiling or crematoria ash.

After successful order completion you will receive a notification from us with the address for receiving your hair or the ashes. Please send us the hair / ash with the order number.

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